Nintendo Castle
Hey guys! If you checked the site yesterday, you would have most likely realized that you couldn't access Nintendo Castle, but if you tried you would be redirected to NFL Castle. No worries Nintendo Castle is still Nintendo Castle. It was all an april fools joke. I would assume that almost everyone realized this, but maybe 1 of our 38 viewers didn't. Anyway, I plan on doing something like this every year, but next year it will hopefully be way better organized, If you were one of the few people who caught us at a very bad stage, Inbetween regular and "April fools mode"  the site would have looked very strange. It took me along time to do all this, but it was worth it! I had alot of fun, and if you thought it was a good idea, please comment below. If you have any other ideas send it to me.



@lex MM
04/01/2011 5:24am


@lex MM
04/06/2011 1:32pm

I hate people who write comments and say weird stuff only to promote their sites.

04/07/2011 4:16pm

They're spammers of course. Try to get some protection against them or it'll just get worse. :)


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