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So many leaked release dates have been... well... leaked! here are the primary Nintendo ones!

Kid Icarus Uprising - May 6
Starfox 64 3D - May 6
Ocarina of Time 3D - June 17

I'm looking forward to them, how bout you? Tell us in the comments!

04/07/2011 8:25pm

I am extremely excited for all 3, but can't wait for June 17. OoT will be out by the time i get my 3DS!

04/07/2011 8:32pm

yeah, I hope I'll have one by then! Also poco check your email plz

04/10/2011 7:34am

I really hope the OoT 3DS one is real!

04/10/2011 6:23pm

Man, I decided to get two 3DS games along with my 3DS. I know I'm getting OoT but I can't decide wether to get StarFox or try out Kid Icarus! Which should I get (I've never played Kid Icarus before)

@lex MM
04/11/2011 5:05am

I have the same problem! I'm probably getting a 3DS in the next months, but I have no idea which game I should get(except OoT, of course.)
Meh, maybe I'll get Kid Icarus to see how it is. I already have played some Starfox games.

@lex MM
04/12/2011 10:16am

BTW, OoT 3DS will officialy be released on June 19th!


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