Nintendo Castle
Today is a sad day for NC. @lexMM is retiring. Well just to back him up, it's not his fault, his internet is being disconnected, but It still a very sad thing. He did alot for NC, even though he didn't get that much credit. Well, on happier news, iAmTheFusedShadows and I are still here! Also fused has been making some cool graphic stuff, such as the "vote for our next walkthrough" and "Check us out on youtube" banners to the right. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
He also has kindly made us a few new buttons you can fine right here.
Thats all really. Remember to vote for our next walkthrough right here, and keep checking back for more news on version 2.0!

---Fused Shadows Update!---
In other extremely happy news... Osama Bin Laden is dead. Everyones going crazy, and for good reason. I know this is a Nintendo site, but seriously, why would I not post about this?

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