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Hey everyone! G4 is having a video game death match battle, to reveal the best video game franchise of all time. 32 franchises were chosen, and now its down to two. Starcraft vs. The Legend of Zelda. In the first round, Zelda went up against Halo, winning by 8%. It then faced mario in the second round, taking that one by 10%. In the 3rd round, they took on Grand theft Auto, and won by 28%. They made it all the way to the semi-finals, which they took on Assasin's Creed and won by a very narrow mardgin. 6%. They are now in the Finals, vs. Starcraft. You need to vote for Zelda HERE! By looking at the commenets, you can tell starcraft is winning. There is only 3 days left, you NEED to vote for zelda so it can be crowned greatest franchise of all time!
02/23/2012 5:19am

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