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I'll cut straight to the point: Nintendo Castle is picking up a domain name. We will be moving soon, so expect some drastic changes! We will post about the new domain name here when we are ready to reveal the site! Stay tuned!


***-[Pocodudeface Update]-***

So as you know, If you have read this post, We are updating to version 2.0, with a domain name. Don't worry though, a domain name is not the only thing we have up our sleeve. Most of the new features will not be released at this time, but expect a brand new layout, and a member system. Also, just so we don't get in trouble. We haven't been doing anything with the site for a while because of the huge chance to 2.0. We probably won't post anymore on this site before the Change so, CHECK BACK EVERYDAY. And BTW vote for our next walkthrough here!

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