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Thats right, you thought that Navi was the most annoying character in Ocarina of Time, (notice I said YOU though that. I don't even think she's annoying)  and now she's worse! In OoT 3D, she will remind you every 30 mins, to take a break and quit playing. She will also suggest you watch a "vision" to help you out. This could be quite annoying, but I don't think I'll mind it that much. What do you think?



05/28/2011 7:26pm

Oh great, this is Super Mario Galaxy 2 all over again! Lubba won't quit reminding me to stop playing!

05/29/2011 11:44am

Oh, come on, Navi isn't that annoying. She doesn't say much stuff...unlike Kaepora Gaebora. HE is annoying.

05/29/2011 5:33pm

@Shora I know she isn't that bad. I do think Kaepora Gaebora is alot worse, but she does get on my nerves sometimes. But she will we worse in OoT 3D.

Yoshi Koshi
12/26/2011 3:09pm

LOL, When I got OoT 3D, I wuz like "OMG THIS IS AWESOME!". Then, when I'm not even at the Deku tree temple place, "OMG LINK IM TIRED ARE YOU TIRED IF YOU WANT TO QUIT SAVE!!!". Ugh. I have to agree, though, Kaepora Gaebora still is the worst.

01/27/2012 12:36pm

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