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Hey guys, Nintendo has released the first official trailer for OoT:3DS. I think it's pretty awesome. The game is set for release June 19th in North America and June 17th in Europe. The game will be rated E10+ (Everyone ten and older). Watch Above!
Today is a sad day for NC. @lexMM is retiring. Well just to back him up, it's not his fault, his internet is being disconnected, but It still a very sad thing. He did alot for NC, even though he didn't get that much credit. Well, on happier news, iAmTheFusedShadows and I are still here! Also fused has been making some cool graphic stuff, such as the "vote for our next walkthrough" and "Check us out on youtube" banners to the right. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
He also has kindly made us a few new buttons you can fine right here.
Thats all really. Remember to vote for our next walkthrough right here, and keep checking back for more news on version 2.0!

---Fused Shadows Update!---
In other extremely happy news... Osama Bin Laden is dead. Everyones going crazy, and for good reason. I know this is a Nintendo site, but seriously, why would I not post about this?
That's right, Zelda beat starcraft in G4's videogame franchise deathmatch. I actually was really suprised that this happened. We have a great zelda community that fought back to the end and now we won!
ALSO REMEMBER to vote on my poll, on the next walkthrough for Nintendo Castle. Theres only two votes. CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

Hey everyone! G4 is having a video game death match battle, to reveal the best video game franchise of all time. 32 franchises were chosen, and now its down to two. Starcraft vs. The Legend of Zelda. In the first round, Zelda went up against Halo, winning by 8%. It then faced mario in the second round, taking that one by 10%. In the 3rd round, they took on Grand theft Auto, and won by 28%. They made it all the way to the semi-finals, which they took on Assasin's Creed and won by a very narrow mardgin. 6%. They are now in the Finals, vs. Starcraft. You need to vote for Zelda HERE! By looking at the commenets, you can tell starcraft is winning. There is only 3 days left, you NEED to vote for zelda so it can be crowned greatest franchise of all time!
Hey guys! If you haven't seen my Youtube video "You choose the next walkthough"...Don't. I have decided (since I got very few answers) Just to do a poll with games I want to do a walkthrough on. Make sure to vote, as I will do it on the game that gets the most votes!

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Hello all! Today I bring you news of a brand new product for wii, the HDMIKey, With this "key" you can play your wii in High Definition! 480p, 720p, or 1080p! This plugs right into the back of your wii, and also has the ability to record in HD. They are not out quite yet, and are set for release at the end of the month, but you can pre order themn at a price of $49.95. Click here to go to the HDMIKey website, and take a look at all the features below!
  • Works with all Wii's - all regions, PAL and NTSC!
  • 480p/720p/1080i/1080p HDMI output
  • HDMI, optical and analog audio output
  • On Screen Display for configuration
  • User updatable flash
  • High quality AD conversion and HDMI chipset
  • No HDCP or SCMS protection - capture or record game play in high definition!
  • Connects directly to your Wii
  • No external PSU needed
Hello guys! Today I bring you news of the upcoming Version 2.0! That's right, a new layout! But not only a new layout for the site, A ton of other new features are going to be added to the site. This will be taking place in the next month or two, so check back daily to see if there is any further news about it, or if the site is completely changed! Nothing is set in stone, so make sure to leave a comment about the features YOU want to see!
So many leaked release dates have been... well... leaked! here are the primary Nintendo ones!

Kid Icarus Uprising - May 6
Starfox 64 3D - May 6
Ocarina of Time 3D - June 17

I'm looking forward to them, how bout you? Tell us in the comments!

This guy is like a Hylian blue man group! He goes through a variety of classic Ocarina of Time songs! Check it out!
Hey guys! If you checked the site yesterday, you would have most likely realized that you couldn't access Nintendo Castle, but if you tried you would be redirected to NFL Castle. No worries Nintendo Castle is still Nintendo Castle. It was all an april fools joke. I would assume that almost everyone realized this, but maybe 1 of our 38 viewers didn't. Anyway, I plan on doing something like this every year, but next year it will hopefully be way better organized, If you were one of the few people who caught us at a very bad stage, Inbetween regular and "April fools mode"  the site would have looked very strange. It took me along time to do all this, but it was worth it! I had alot of fun, and if you thought it was a good idea, please comment below. If you have any other ideas send it to me.