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Pokemon Snap Walkthrough!

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7. Backtracking and Pokemon Signs
8. Rainbow Cloud

Beginning and Course 1: The Beach

Let's Do this!
    Hello and welcome to Nintendo Castle's 100% Walkthrough for Pokemon Snap on the N64. After you have created your file and started the game, you're going to want to go ahead and select the beach. The only course currently available.

    Once you have selected the Beach, go ahead and let them walk you through the basics of the game. Press Z in order to get primed for taking photos, then press A to take them. There are other controls as well but those won't be discussed til later in the walkthrough for your convenience.

Stage Stats!: Beach

Snapabble Pokemon: 12
Difficulty: 1/5
Course size: 2/5
Pokemon Sign: Kingler
Todd's input: "What a sunny beach. It looks great! I should get some awesome shots there!"

Soundtrack: Click this to access music!

Immediately turn to the right and capture Lapras!
Once you begin on your own, you're going to want to photograph Doduo, Butterfree, and Pikachu. Then turn immediately to your right and look out to sea where a Lapras will be surfacing. Photograph it and continue onwards. Photograph the Meowth looking down and making faces for many points.

Pokemon Profile: Doduo

Stage: Beach
Species: Twin Bird Pokemon
Pokemon Number: #84
Pokemon Type: Normal

Immediately as you enter the beach level, prime your camera and quickly capture this bird, you can also use the speeder to catch up to it and get a better shot!

Pokemon Profile: Pikachu

Stage: Beach, Tunnel, Volcano, River, Cave,
Species: Mouse Pokemon
Pokemon Number: #25
Pokemon Type: Electric

This Pokemon is available in every course except one. I will review how to snap Pikachu best when  it comes to that.

Pokemon Profile: Butterfree

Stage: Beach
Species: Butterfly Pokemon
Pokemon Number: #12
Pokemon Type: Bug Flying

Find them all around the beach area, using the dash engine you can get 2 really good shots of them.

Pokemon Profile: Lapras

Stage: Beach
Species: Transport Pokemon
Pokemon Number: #131
Pokemon Type: Water Ice

Snap one immediately right to the start of the course, then photograph one later on and near the end, 3 Lapras should      appear closer for you to photograph

Pokemon Profile: Meowth

Stage: Beach
Species: Scratch Cat Pokemon
Pokemon Number: #52
Pokemon Type: Normal

Snap one making faces at you from a cliff about midway through the course. Snap another one being bullied by two pidgeys, but not before using the Pokeflute to make him dance!

Doesn't this just make you want to knock him off that rock?
    You will soon come upon a pink ball being chased by an Eevee. Try and snap the Eevee as she comes near to you but avoid the pink ball for now, we will be returning to that in the River Chapter. You can also photgraph the Kangaskhan, but you won't be able to get a good shot until we get another item later on. This is by far the easiest course in the game, and the shortest. There are many secrets to be revealed, but we will need  more items in order to do that.

Pokemon Profile: Eevee

Stage: Beach
Species: Evolution Pokemon
Pokemon Number: #133
Pokemon Type: Normal

You can either snap a normal picture, or free the chansey and photograph Eevee as she leaps with joy for a higher scoring shot

Pokemon Profile: Kangaskhan

Stage: Beach
Species: Parent Pokemon
Pokemon Number: #115
Pokemon Type: Normal

Use a combination of your pester balls (first) and pokeflute (second) to make this motherly Pokemon dance!

It's time to have Prof. Oak check you out! wait.. I mean.. the pictures.. Oh whatever.
    After you are done, you will be taken to the Oak's mark screen. Press A in order to mark your photos and show them to Professor Oak, who will rate them based on
1. Pokemon Size
2. Pokemon Stance
3. Whether the Pokemon is in the center of the frame
4. Whether the Pokemon is facing forward or not.
He will then open up the tunnel stage for you, which we will tackle in Chapter 2!

Click Here for Chapter two of our 100% Walkthrough of Pokemon Snap.