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Biggoron Sword Trading Sidequest

    Once you are Adult Link, there is a way to obtain a new and improved sword. This sword is the Biggoron Sword, and this guide will show you how to gain possession of this item through a series of trades made with the NPC's.

Although it is possible to buy a biggoron sword at the shop in Goron City for 200 rupees, it will break after a couple hits from excessive use. This trading sequence will unlock one that does not break.

What You'll Need
1. Epona
2. Magic Bean Seeds planted outside Dodongos Cavern
3. Adult Link

4. King Zora Freed

1. As Adult Link talk to the Cucco lady in Kakariko village, who will give you a cucco egg as a reward. Wait for a while until the egg hatches and go into the house to the right of the potion shop where you will find Talon snoring away. Go ahead and wake him up, and afterwards talk to the cucco lady again who will exchange the pocket cucco for a blue cucco, Cojiro.

2. Head on over to the lost woods, but instead of taking the usual path at first, take the left path and offer Cojiro to the man sitting on the stump. The man will give you an odd mushroom to take to his grandmother in Kakariko Village. You want to race on over there, as you are on a time limit, and go behind the potion shop and into the brick building. Offer the mushroom to her and she will brew up an odd potion for you to deliver to her grandson.

3. You are still on a time limit so hurry up! Once you reach the lost woods, go right once again but instead of the man you saw before, there will be a little Kokiri girl. Talk to her to have her explain ominously why the man is now gone. Exchange your potion for the Poachers Saw and leave the lost woods. Head on over to Gerudo valley and use Epona to cross the gap. Go ahead and trade your saw for the broken biggoron sword.

4. Once you have the broken Biggoron sword head over to Death Mountain, and while you're at it, make sure you have a magic bean planted at the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. Exchange your broken Biggoron sword with Biggoron to get a prescription for eyedrops.

5. Take the prescription to King Zora and he will mention that he doesn't actually have the eyedrops, but he will give you an eyeball frog to take to the doctor/chemist/whatever in Lake Hylia, make sure to use Epona to cross Hyrule Field, but don't try warping. Once you are there he will exchange the eyeball frog for the world's greatest eyedrops

6. Use Epona and the Bean bed in front of Dodongos cavern in order to race to Biggoron in under 4 minutes. Once you are there he will exchange the eyedrops for your claim check. Play the suns song if you want, or just wait, and talk to him again to receive your new sword! This sword does twice as much damage but you can't use a shield while using the biggoron sword. Pretty useful for boss fights in order to get it done with faster, if you're more the aggressive type then this sword is the sword for you!