Nintendo Castle


Mario is the soul of Nintendo, new ideas are always executed in this series.

Mario IS NINTENDO. Mario breathes Nintendo and Nintendo breathes Mario. Mario is Nintendo's lifeblood, it's heart, it's brain.

    Mario is a plumber, who is "in love" with Princess Peach. Princess Peach is kidnapped by the Koopa King Bowser and forced to bake him cakes while residing in his castle. Sounds pretty typical right? That's because these games have revolutionized videos games since they were created. New ideas have spawned from this series on multiple occasions.

    But Mario isn't always saving princess, sometimes he parties with his friends. Sometimes, he races in mini go-karts around the Mushroom kingdom with his friends. Sometimes he plays sports with his friends, Mario has been featured in numerous side games.

    Mario games appeal to all kinds of people. Whether it's a die-hard Nintendo fan, or that fan's mom, all sorts of people will enjoy these games.

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