Nintendo Castle

Empty Bottles

Bottle #1- The Cucco Game

To get the first bottle you need to head over to Lon Lon Ranch. Upon entering the ranch, you want to head to the door on your left. In the room you are in you will notice Talon, the man you woke earlier with your cucco will be laying half awake on the ground. Talk too him and he will ask if you want to play the game called "Super Cuccos". It will be ten ruppes to play but is easily worth it. At the beggining of the game Talon will throw three "Super Cuccos" In with the rest of them. You have to pick up the three cuccos. They don't stand out in the crowd, but Talon will throw one in each corner so they should be easy to find. Once you win you will be awarded a bottle full on Lon Lon Milk.

Bottle #2- Collecting Cuccos

To get the Second empty bottle you need to head to kakariko village. You need to talk to Anju a red-haired lady and collect all 7 cuccos for her. The cuccos are roaming around kakariko village and fairly easy to get so you shouldn't have any trouble. Once doing this task for her, Anju will award you with your 2nd Empty Bottle.

Bottle #3- The Prinecesses Letter

Your 3rd Bottle is required to advance through the game. To get it you must complete the diving game at Zora's Domain. Now that you have the silver scale you can dive to the bottom of Zora's Domain and get through the small hole. The hole will lead to Lake Hylia. Once in Lake Hylia, look straitforward and you will see something in the water. Dive down and you will realize that it is a bottle with a letter in it. Take this "Bottled letter" to king zora and he will take the letter from Ruto and let you keep the now Empty Bottle.

Bottle #4- Big Poes

The last Bottle will take some work. To get it you must collect all 10 Big Poes and sell them to the Ghost Merchant in the market's enterance. In order to do this you must have your Fairy Bow and Epona. You can find Big Poes buy riding epona in certain places in Hyrule field. You must shoot the poe with your bow while riding epona before you are able to capture it in a bottle. Once you sell all ten big poes to the merchant you will be awarded the final Empty Bottle.

Bottle Items ( Items you can put in your bottle)

Blue Fire: Blue fire is used to melt Red Ice. You can find blue fire in Stores across Hyrule for 200 rupees or you could get it free in Ice Cavern or Ganon's Castle.

Bugs: The only real purpose for bugs is to put in soft soil to make gold skulltulas pop out. You can find bugs under rocks.

Fish: The only time you need to use fish is to offer to Lord Jabu-Jabu. You can find fish in shallow water or buy them from stores.

Lon Lon Milk: This milk will fill up five hearts and can be used twice. You can either buy the milk or whenever you see a cow you can play eponas song and it will fill your bottle for free!

Fairies: Fairies will revive you to full health whenever you are by one. But if you catch one in a bottle, you will be fully revived whenever you die. You can also play Zelda's Lullaby or the song of storms by gossip stones to make a fairy appear.

Poes: After you kill a poe you can collect its spirit. The only thing you can do with them is sell them to the Poe merchant for a Rip-Off of 10 rupees.

Big Poes: There are only 10  Big Poes in the game. If you catch them all and sell them to the Poe Merchant he will give you an empty bottle. Also for each poe he will give you a generous amount of money.

Potions: Potions are usefull items. A green potion will restore your magic completely, Red potion will restore your health completely, And Blue potion will restore both your health and your magic completely!

Guide Written by Pocodudeface, For Nintendo Castle ( Copyright 2011