Nintendo Castle


Transformation Masks

Deku Mask

This mask transforms you into a Deku Scrub form of Link. Put it on and remove it with (C).

This mask allows you to talk to and interact with other Deku Scrubs, hop on water, stun enemies, shoot bubbles, and use flowers to fly up into the sky. CAREFUL! If you even touch fire you will be burned instantly.

To get this mask get your ocarina back from the Skull kid and talk to the creepy old mask salesman.

Goron Mask

This mask transforms you into a Goron form of Link. Put it on and remove it with (C). This mask allows you to talk and interact with other gorons, Goron Stomp, roll, walk on lava, punch and move very heavy objects.

To get this mask you need to speak to the spirit of Darmani right after you exit the cave after getting the lens of truth. You must let him lead you through the mountain village, and a steep slope with ladders that can't be seen with the bear eye. Atop this slop you will find his grave and he will give you the Goron Mask!

Zora Mask

This mask transforms you into a zora form of Link. Put it on and remove it with (C). This mask allows you to fight underwater, swim at incredible speeds , interact with other Zoras, use your fins as weapons, and shoot your fins out like boomerangs.

To get this mask, you must rescue the zora floating in the water at the Great Bay, and play the song of healing for Mikau's spirit to turn it into a mask.

Fierce Deity Mask

This mask transforms you into a Fierce Deity form of Link. Put it on and remove it with (C). When this mask is on your face, You resemble the original form of link alot, but much much older and much much stronger. You have a two handed sword that does alot more damage, and can shoot beams of light while pressing Z. Too bad this mask can only be used in boss rooms.

To get this mask you must give away your other 20 normal masks to all the kids on the moon. Then the kid wearing the Majora's Mask will give you it because you don't have any masks left.

Normal Masks

All Night Mask

The only actual use for this mask, is to listen to Anju's Grandmother's stories, without dozing off. This will make 2 Heart Pieces available. Listen to Carnival of Time and choose the answer that is at the top on every question to get the first one, And listen to Four Giants and answer "I Dunno." to get the second one!

To get this mask, you must stop the theif, Sakon from stealing the Old Lady's bombs on the first night. If you do so, the Curiosity shop will have this mask available on the third night.

Blast Mask

This mask is very useful. It works as unlimited bombs. Press B to make it explode while wearing it. If you press R directly after pressing B, you won't take any damage.This mask takes a while to recharge.

To get this mask you must save the old lady in North Clock Town from being robbed by a thief the first night. You will be given this as a token of her gratitude!

Bremen Mask

This mask makes you march around and little animals will be attracted to you. It's only real use is to make all the baby chicks turn into adults on Romani Ranch.(You will get the bunny hood by doing this)

To get this mask on either the first or second night you need to head over to the laundry pool and talk to Guru-Guru (The guy playing the strange instrument). After telling you about his past he will give you this stolen mask.

Bunny Hood

This mask is very usefull. You can use it to jump twice as far and run twice as fast. Also on the Postman's game you will see a ten second timer when wearing the bunny hood.

To get this mask you must turn all of the chicks at Romani Ranch into adults by wearing the Breman Mask. You will be rewarded this mask.

Captain's Hat

While wearing this mask you can talk to the stalchildren.

To get this mask you must play the Sonata of Awakening to the giant Stalfos in the Graveyard. You must then chase him down and kill him, and then continue to follow the path intell you see a broken bridge that has a chest on the other side. You can use the bunny hood or Zora mask to get there, or you could simply hookshot there. Open the chest for the Captains Hat.

Circus Leader's Mask

The only use for this mask, Is to keep theifs from chasing you when you are escorting Cremia on the way to clock town down Milk Road.

 To get this mask, go to the Latte Milk Bar during the first or second night. You will need to play all the parts of the song for Toto the band leader of the Indigo-Gos in all four forms. Gorman will then give you the mask

Couple's Mask

Wear this mask when in the Mayor's office to make the people in there stop arguing. If you talk to the mayor after doing this you will get a piece of heart.

You need to complete the Anju and Kafei Quest to get this mask. Check out our guide for that to see how.

Don Gero's Mask

This mask must be used after defeating Ghot, and returning the Snowhead area back to it's "Spring Stage". You will see a bunch of lilly pads by the pond in Mountain Village. By these lilly pads is a frog sitting all alone. If you talk to him with this mask on, you will discover he has four buddies all over Termina that need to be brought back. Talk to them with the Don Gero Mask on to do so. Here are there locations:
1. At the Laundry Pool in clock town.
2. On your way to the Deku Palaace, you will fine this frog in the southern swamp. He is in non-poison water.
3. Defeat the miniboss "Gekko" in the Woodfall Temple.
4. Defeat the miniboss "Gekko" in the Great Bay Temple.
After Doing so you will be rewarded with a piece of heart.
To get this mask, You must feed the shivering goron atop a ledge in the Mountain Village the Rock Serloin. To get the Rock Serloin, you need to light all of the torches in the Goron Shrine. You will then notice that the chandelier above starts to spin. You must Goron Roll into each of the five jars atop the chandelier untell the Rock Serloin falls out. Then take it to the shivering Goron and accept you reward!

Garo's Mask

You need this mask to get into Ikana Canyon. It will also make Garo's appear in parts of Ikana Canyon, and they will give you tips once you have defeated them in battle.
You must defeat the Gorman Brothers in a horse race (with epona) to get this mask.

Giant's Mask

If you wear this you will become HUGE! The only problem is, it drains magic like crazy, and you can only use it while facing the boss of the Stone Tower Temple, TwinMold.
You will find this mask in a large chest in the Stone Tower Temple.

Gibdo Mask

This mask makes Gibdos think your one of them.
To get this mask, you must fix the river in Ikana Canyon. You need to go to the cave and play the song of storms to put water in the well and make the music box house start playing. Once at the music box house, throw a bomb by the door of the house to get Pamela to leave. You then must carefully sneak in and go downstairs to her father who has been transformed into a Gibdo. Play the song of healing to heal him, and he will give you the mask of what he once was.

Great Fairy Mask

If you are in a dungeon, whenever there are stray fairies in the room, this mask will start shimmering. Unless the fairies are traped, they will start to slowly fly towards you.
To get this mask, fine either the stray fairy in the laundry pool when its day, or east clock town at night. Bring it back to the fariy fountain in North Clock Town to claim your prize.

Kafei's Mask

You can wear this mask to ask people about Kafei. See our Anju and Kafei quest guide for more info.
To get this mask talk to Madame Aroma and accept her request to fin her missing son Kafei. See our Anju and Kafei quest guide for more info.

Kamaro's Mask

Wear this and press B to dance. On the first and second night the Rosa Sisters will be practicing their dancing moves in West Clock Town, If you dance for them you will get a piece of heart.
To get this mask, you must head northeast of the entrace to North Clock Town in Termina Field. You will find a half naked man dancing atop a giant mushroom. Play the song of healing for him to get this mask.

Keaton Mask

If you have ever noticed, there are circles of bushes in North Clock Town, Milk Road, and Mountain Village that come to life when you get near. While wearing this mask slash at one of them to make a Keaton appear. It will ask you five questions. See our Keaton Questions Guide for more info.
You need to complete the Anju and Kafei Quest to get this mask. Check out our guide for that to see how.

Mask of Scents

This mask makes it so you can see the hidden mushrooms in the Mysterious Woods. Bring these to Kotake and she will learn how to make Blue Potions. The first one is free
To get this mask you will need to race and beat the butler of the Deku Shrine. This mask is your reward.

Mask of Truth

This mask allows you to read the minds of small animals when you pick them up. It also allows you to read gossip stones.
You must kill all the Skulltulas in the Skulltula house in the Southern Swamp. See our Skulltula guide for more info.

Postman's Hat

You can get rupees out of mailboxes with this mask. The first time you check a mail box in east clock town, you will get a heart piece.
You get this mask during the Anju and Kafei quest. Check out our guide for that for more info.

Romani Mask

Wear this to buy milk at the Latte Milk Bar in Clock Town.
To get this mask, you must save romani ranch from "them" on the first night. You then need to be at the ranch at 6 PM on the second night to get a ride with cremia to clock town. You will have to defend the cart against thieves, and after doing so she will reward you with the Romani Mask

Stone Mask

Wear this so guards can see you in places they would normally kick you out.
To get this mask, you will need to give a red potion to the soldier named Shiro. The reason he needs this healing, is because he is invisible, making him quite hard to find. He is hidden in Ikana Canyon in a circle of rocks. Use the lens of Truth to see him. Give him the potion and he will give you this mask.

Screenshots provided by @lexMM. Guide written by Pocodudeface for Nintendo Castle ( Copyright 2011