Nintendo Castle

Pieces of Heart

Death Mountain Crater

- There is a small hole in a climbable wall in Death Mountain Crater. In here lies a piece of heart. There are two ways to get to it:

1. As a child you must plant a magic bean in the soft soil. When you return as an adult you can ride the magic bean plant and snatch the heart piece.

2. As a child or an adult you can take the entrance at the top of death mountain. Once you get to the ledge here, you can climb down into the hole to get the heart piece.

- You must plant a magic bean as a child and return here as an adult. Ride the magic bean plant to one of the two mountains in the center of Death Mountain Crater. One of them has a heart piece on top.

Death Mountain Trail

- There are two ways to get the following heart piece

1.As a child you must plant a magic bean in the soft soil in front of dodongos cavern. Return as an adult and ride the magic bean plant to a ledge with the heart piece.

2.There is also another way to get this early that Nintendo didn't intend. As a child you can get this before dodongo's cavern is you lift the bombflower that you used to blow up the entrance to dodongo's cavern throw it then quickly do a backflip over the fence right where the bomb flower was you can just barely land on this ledge to get the heart piece

Deseret Colossus

- To get this heart piece you must plant a magic bean in the soft soil location that is pretty close to the spirit temple. After doing this return as an adult and ride the plant to a ledge. Atop this ledge is a Hear piece.

Gerudo Fortress

- To get this piece of heart you must travel to the very top of the gerudo fortress. You will see a ledge fairly close to you but to far away to jump. A large chest lies on the other ledge and you can either play the scarecrow song and hook-shot to Pierre, or you could simply long-shot to the chest itself.

- After completing the Gerudo Fortress and getting the membership card you can now play the Gerudo Shooting Range game. All you must do is score a total of 1000 points or higher. This piece of heart will be your reward.

Gerudo Valley

- This piece of heart is in the little hole behind the water fall in Gerudo Valley. To get to it you can do one of two things:

1. Ride a cucco to it as a child.

2. As an adult jump into the water from that little chunk of land at the bottom of the gorge.

- The Heart piece is sitting in a crate on a ledge in Gerudo Valley. There is two ways to get it:

1. Ride a cucco to it as a child.

2. As an adult long-shot to it.

Goron City

- For this heart piece you will need to light all the torches on the bottom level of goron city. This will make the giant statue bowl looking thing with the three faces on it spin in a circle. You need to get to the higher ledge and either throw a bomb or bomb flower into it while the smiley face is facing you. This will cause a heart piece to burst out.


- To get this heart piece you need to go to the five tomb stones in the far back of the graveyard closest to the royal families tomb. The tomb you pull back is second from the left if you are facing the royal family tomb. XX    XxXXX That diagram shows where the tomb is if you are north. The little x is the one you pull back. Once inside this tomb you must kill the re-dead using the sun song, then you must play the sun song again on the set of stairs to make a mysterious chest appear. Open up this chest and you will get a heart piece.

- If you talk to Dampe from 18:00 and 21:00 at night he will let you play a game with him. This game cost ten rupees. Dampe will walk around to spots he can dig and you have to pay him every time he digs. The prizes could be Rupees, Nothing, or a Heart Piece.

- As a child you must plant a magic bean in the soft soil location. Return here as an adult and ride the magic bean up to the ledge where there is a crate. Roll into the crate for the Heart Piece.

Hyrule Field

- At the entrance to Lake Hylia, where there is a square fenced area you can place a bomb. If you put the bomb in the center it will cause a hole to blown into the ground. Jump down a hole and you will sea a buisness scrub. YOU MUST HAVE TEN RUPEES. If you don't have ten youll have to reply no and you will never be able to get this heart piece. If you do have the rupees he will sell you it and everyone will be happy.

- This piece of heart is found just northwest of Lon Lon ranch, yet northeast of Gerudo Valley. Right here there is a tree that will make a hole in the ground if you place a bomb by it. Then you can use the iron boots in the water down here an snatch that Heart Piece.

Ice Cavern

- This heart piece in red ice inwith the ice cavern. You can find it in the room with the blue fire and no puzzles. This room also has many stalactites falling from the ceiling. Just simple use the blue fire and melt the red ice and tada! You just got a piece of heart.

Kakiriko Village

- This heart piece requires you to be on top of Impa's House. To get here you can either get a ride from the owl on top of death mountain, or you can hookshot here from the house of skullutas when you are an adult. Either way jump down to the ledge with the entrance in the wall. Go in and you will find a cow and a heart piece. Play epona's song to get milk if you want, then snatch the heart piece.

- The heart piece can be found on the ledge in the windmill. As a child you can use your boomerang to bring it down to you, or you can jump to it as an adult after racing with dampe.

- All you must do for this one is collect 50 gold skulltulas. Trade these in for your prize at the house of skulltulas.

- This piece of heart can be obtained only by talking to the man on top of the roof of the potion shop. You can either hookshot/longshot as an adult or you can do this as a kid. To get it as a kid you must get ontop of the look out tower Z target and  do a sid-jump to the left. You will land on the fence and you can get it early. (This is considered cheating.)

Lake Hylia

- To get this Heart Piece you must simply catch the ten pound fish at the fishing game and show it to the dude there.

- You must have the golden scale for this one. At lakeside laboratory you must dive down in touch the bottom of the huge tank. Talk to the doctor to recieve your prize.

- This one is at the tip top of the lakeside laboratory. You can either play the scarecrow song and hookshot up here, or plant the magic bean wich will carry you up here. Up at the ledge you will find a piece of heart.

Lon Lon Ranch

- For this piece of heart, you need to head over to the storage shed at the back of lon lon ranch. It kindof resembles a silo. Head in and move the crates around so that you can get into the very corner where the crates were. Here you will see a hole you can crawl through. Here a heart piece will rest in a nest.

Lost Woods

- This piece of heart requires you to enter lost woods as a child. You must have your fairy ocarina. Go right one screen from the entrance and jump down here. Stand on the small stump and whip out your ocarina to make two skull kids appear. Play their game of simon says with your ocarina. After completing three songs, you get a heart piece.

- Head left one screen as a child in the lost woods. Stand on the stump here and play sarias song. The skull kid will be excited and award you with a heart piece.

Market (Hyrule Castle Town)

- As a child in hyrule town market, you can enter the bombchu bowling ally. All you have to do is time the bombchus right and hit the targets. Their are five items you can win and they cycle through each time in this order. Bombchus, Heart Piece, Bombs, Bomb Bag, Purple Rupee. If you fail at the prize you want you have to keep playing intell that prize recycles.

- You must be in the market as a child at night for this heart piece. If you go touch the white dog behind the left booth at night it will follow you. Then enter the back alley and go through the door on your left. A lady in here will be excited you found her little richard and give you a piece of heart.

- This one must be obtained as a child playing the treasure chest game(night only). It cost 10 rupees to play. You advance through a series of rooms with 2 treasure chests. One chest will send you to the beggining while the other has the key that keeps you going. It is VERY hard to do inless...You have the lens of truth. In that case you can see through the chests and see wich one has the key. If you manage to get to the end, you can open one last chest containing a Heart Piece.

Zora's Domain

- This piece of heart can be obtained by lighting the five torches in zora's domain. You must first go whip out a deku stick and get it lit by the lit torch in the throne room. Then continue down the stairs and light the torch in the corner. This one will stay afire. Now light a new deku stick and run down the spiral stairs. Right next to the shop is a torch you need to light. Now go run through the shallow water and light the torch sorrounded by rocks. Then as fast as you can run behind the water fall and light the final two torches. Doing so will cause a chest to appear. Open in for a hear piece.

Zora's Fountain

- As an adult head into zora's fountain. You will notice that their are many ice platforms you can jump on to. Do so and when you get to a certain one, a piece of heart will wait for you.

- If you have the iron boots simply sink down into the water at zora's fountain and at the bottom lies a heart piece.

Zora's River

- In the middle of zora's river their is a pillar with a heart piece on top. You can either get it with your boomerang, by using one of the cuccos, or wait intell late in the game and use the hover boots to snatch it.

- On a ledge coming out of the cliff in zora's river, lies a piece of heart. You can either use a cucco, your bommerang or hover boots to get this.

- In the middle of zora's river you will notice a stump and frogs next to it. Stand on the stump and play the song of storms for the frogs. They will award you with a heart piece.

- Stand on the stump once again with the frogs and play all of your songs that don't teleport you. Than once all of the frogs grow giant, they will have you play a game with them. You must hit a series of buttons in the correct order. Here is the order of buttons, A, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Down, A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, A. After completing this you will be given a piece of heart.

Guide Written by Pocodudeface, For Nintendo Castle ( Copyright 2011