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That's right. I was bored so I decided to update this site, even though we moved to Fun Fact: Two days ago we got 54 UNIQUE visitors to THIS site. So If you didn't realize this already, WE MOVED TO A NEW DOMAIN!  Errr yeah. The new site is a TON better. Thats all really.
That's right ladies and gentlemen! Today we are switching over to a new version! And this version just doesn't contain new content and a new layout, but it also contains a couple other bonuses, those being a new domain name and new options for what we can present to you. For one, we now offer the option to sign up in order to comment, if you'd like. Please go there if you liked this site, or if you're a newcomer, as we will be posting all of our content on that site from now on.
~Iamthefusedshadows and Pocodudeface




So as you all know, Nintendo's E3 press conference is going to be held tommorow, at 9:30 A.M. PST. You can watch it live by taking this link. Microsoft and Sony's conferences are gone and past, but you know what they say, save the best for last. Anyways, Nintendo Castle has its very own E3 predictions and expectations video, which you can watch below. Whatever you do, don't miss Nintendo's Awesome press conference. After E3, we will also have a video up, in conclusion to the conference.

Hello everybody!  Tommrow, there is going to be a a Monster Hunter 3 live stream done by Foolintherain100 (dodongobomber, reaganthebomber) and Phantom (zenix, jeremy). This doesn't have anything to do with the website, but you should go there regardless. Both iAmTheFusedShadows and myself will be there, and I MIGHT (hint hint) make a guest appearance. Anyways, its from 2-10 PM EST, this Saturday. (Tommorow) You can view it and chat by taking  THIS LINK



Thats right, you thought that Navi was the most annoying character in Ocarina of Time, (notice I said YOU though that. I don't even think she's annoying)  and now she's worse! In OoT 3D, she will remind you every 30 mins, to take a break and quit playing. She will also suggest you watch a "vision" to help you out. This could be quite annoying, but I don't think I'll mind it that much. What do you think?

A new Japanese trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D was released. You can watch it below. It has some AWESOME new footage.
There has been recent rumors that The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword will be delayed to be released on the Wii 2 rather then the wii this year. The Wii2 (Project Cafe) will be released sometime 2010, as confirmed by Nintendo. Though Nintendo already Confirmed Skyward Sword on the wii, there is a possibility that it could be delayed. It may even be released on both systems. Only time will tell.

Thats right. I lied. I said I wouldn't be updating the site untell Version 2 came out, but I decided otherwise. No need to fear, Version 2 is still coming, but its taking longer than I expected -_-. Regardless, I won't update the content at all, but I will post some news untell the new version is launched. Remember to VOTE FOR OUT NEXT WALKTHROUGH HERE. Thanks for your patience, C YA!


I'll cut straight to the point: Nintendo Castle is picking up a domain name. We will be moving soon, so expect some drastic changes! We will post about the new domain name here when we are ready to reveal the site! Stay tuned!


***-[Pocodudeface Update]-***

So as you know, If you have read this post, We are updating to version 2.0, with a domain name. Don't worry though, a domain name is not the only thing we have up our sleeve. Most of the new features will not be released at this time, but expect a brand new layout, and a member system. Also, just so we don't get in trouble. We haven't been doing anything with the site for a while because of the huge chance to 2.0. We probably won't post anymore on this site before the Change so, CHECK BACK EVERYDAY. And BTW vote for our next walkthrough here!

Today is iAmTheFusedShadows birthday! Yay! Okay I lied, YESTERDAY was iAmTheFusedShadow's birthday but, I didn't have time to post =]. He is turning 14, and want's a pet llama. So you should all send him presents, except that you most likely don't know his address, and I'm not going to tell you =P. So happy birthday FusedShadows! (The best present you could give to him would be to SUBSCRIBE to him on youtube!)